Mixed Martial Arts


Mixed Martial Arts or MMA refers to a sport where various martial art disciplines, grappling or striking based, are combined to produce a dynamic and practical form of combat.

All of the training at Rings is in essence MMA. Where Kickboxing focuses on striking for MMA or Grappling focuses on takedowns and joint manipulation for MMA. The big focus of the MMA sessions is to combine the different combat styles into one seamless fight style. This way strikes blend into takedowns and takedowns to grappling and ground strikes. This effortless integration from one to the next creates a very zenful display of skill and a bewilderment to the opponent.

As with all the other training a session will begin with a thorough warm up followed by a stretch routine followed by wrestling technique, wrestling drills, striking to takedown drills, takedown defence drills, MMA pad drills, sparring and any very random combination of what coach can dream up.